City and small town land use, wind, shoreline
We provide legal services to assist clients with achieving their land use planning goals. We work on virtually every facet of land use law from permitting to litigation, regularly representing clients before administrative tribunals, superior, and appellate courts. Below are examples of our work:

Growth Management and Shoreline Management Acts
Energy Facility Siting
Environmental Review (NEPA/SEPA)
Project Permitting and Mitigation Challenges
Subdivision Regulation
Regulatory Agencies
Hearing Examiner Work
Land Use Mediation and Litigation

Growth Management and Shoreline Management Acts. We have extensive experience litigating before the Board and Courts, and are routinely engaged to advise on and litigate comprehensive plan, development regulation, zoning, and shoreline planning decisions.

Energy Facility Siting. With experience permitting over 2,000 megawatts of wind development throughout Washington, there is no other firm with the same level of experience in working to achieve local energy siting objectives. This work has included addressing siting through both local permitting processes and the state's Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council. This is coupled with experience on addressing small-scale wind; hydro-power; natural gas drilling; and solar project siting. We worked on the state's first renewable energy overlay zone and oversaw its environmental review. When appealed, the case settled before it went to hearing. We also drafted legislation for renewable energy overlay zones, which the Legislature enacted by unanimous vote.

Environmental Review (NEPA/SEPA). We routinely address environmental review under SEPA and NEPA on project specific and legislative proposals. We place particular emphasis on innovative approaches to environmental review which can be structured to achieve local objectives.

Project Permitting and Mitigation Challenges. We routinely work on a variety of projects including master planned communities, complex energy facilities, industrial parks and facilities, plats, and residential projects.

Regulatory Agencies. We work with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies to resolve issues on complex land use controversies. Our work includes addressing issues before some of the more unique agencies, such as the Columbia River Gorge Commission and Bonneville Power Administration.

Hearing Examiner Work. The Firm provides hearing examiner services, holding regular hearings on a range of appeal matters. A key objective is to resolve disputes at the local level whenever that is possible. That requires:
• A fair and orderly hearing process;

• Party understanding of the process and decision maker's role;

• Party/public opportunity to present relevant legal arguments and evidence;

• Appropriate consideration of the arguments and evidence; and,

• A timely and well-reasoned decision, supported by the law and evidence.
Having presided over many administrative hearings, including permit, appeal, and code enforcement matters, the Firm is familiar with ensuring such a process occurs.